“Journey through the Senses” is an exploration and celebration of the vast multiverse of perceptual experience, looking both inward—toward the multisensory self— and outward—across what we term “the neurodiverse.” This “neurodiverse” includes here all those who experience the world through an altered or extended sensorium, such as synaesthetes, savants, those on the autism spectrum, and others with exceptional or notable sensory sensitivities.

This project envisions a city-wide, 30–45 day, thought-provoking series of art-science-technology exhibitions and events for Spring 2022.

“Journey through the Senses” will present, simulate, and explore the infinite variety of humankind through the senses.

Our senses are the very windows by which we mediate and construct our respective realities. This extends beyond our personal experiences and into the interpersonal and social domains. Given this importance, recognizing and nurturing neurodiversity (and understanding our interwoven sensory experiences) lies at the core of our abilities to successfully collaborate, engage in diplomacy, teach and learn, and to otherwise interact with each other in meaningful ways.

Through various artistic media, this exhibition will provide opportunities to experience the world through distinct vistas. As a complementary aim, “Journey through the Senses” intends to explore the impact of neurodiversity on social life.