SYNAESTHETE DANCE EXPERIENCE: 4D MULTISENSORY SHOW

The show was presented on October 1, 2017 at the beautiful 100 seat Actors’ Gang Theater.  The show was produced by Appelusa, Co-produced by Daniel Shcuster with CC Hart and Dr. Sean A. Day of IASAS.

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Image by photographer, Michael Kluch

               Synaesthete choreographer, Juliette Irons and her dance company, image by photographer, Michael Kluch

                              Color in motion, UK Dancer, Laura Kriefman, image by photographer, Michael Kluch

Synaesthete Composer and Performer, Portrait XO, image by photographer, Michael Kluch


Presented by Building Bridges and Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, produced by Daniel Schuster

Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, 225 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA

The audience was welcomed to Beyond Baroque’s intimate theater and with a delightful mix of synaesthete poetry, a Shakespeare reading with scents, literary readings, and musical performances.

                                                                                                                                   Author  Patricia Lynne Duffy

The event featured a reading by Patricia Lynne Duffy from her book, Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens, which is the first book written by a synaesthete about synaesthesia. Patricia is Co-Founder of the American Synesthesia Association and also works as an instructor in the UN Language and Communications Program. Patricia was introduced to Building Bridges by well-known synaesthete author, Maureen Seaberg.

Interview with Patricia Lynne Duffy:

Patricia’s reading was followed by a performances from Beyond Baroque Poet in Residence, Will Alexander, multi-sensory poetry by the dynamic and well-known LA poet, Jim Bolt, as well as poetry and song from synaethete poet and artist, Marjan Vayghan. The evening also presented synaesthete electronic soulful music from singer/songwriter/producer, Portrait XO, who composes music from taste and sound.

Poet and Actor Jim Bolt

                                                                                                                           Scent Artist, Daniel Krasofski

Our final presentation for the evening was with scent expert and perfumer, Daniel Krasofski. Daniel has studied the approximately 400 plants and scents described in Shakespeare’s work and has created special scents to create an emotional and sensory connection for actors working with Shakespeare. During Daniel’s presentation, audience members were provided with sample scents for specific scenes from Shakespeare.

                                                                                                    AUTHOR TALK AND BOOK SIGNING WITH DR. JOEL SALINAS

Mirror touch synaesthete and author, Dr. Joel Salinas

On October 19, 2017, IASAS PRESENTS-  presented reception at Building Bridges Art Exchange, reading and book signing with Dr. Joel Salinas, author of Mirror-Touch: Notes from a doctor who can feel your pain. 



                                               Science Symposium, Nano Bldg., UCLA

On Friday, October 20, 2017, the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists co-hosted its first ever synaesthesia symposium at UCLA in conjunction with the Art|Sci Center, and in collaboration with Building Bridges Art Exchange.The Video of the entire science symposium:

                                      CONCERT WITH SYNAESTHETE MUSICIAN KAITLYN HOVA

                                                                                                              Kaitlyn Hova playing the 3D printed Hovalin


On October 21, 2017, IASAS presented- Kaitlyn Hova in concert at Building Bridges Art Exchange.


Kaitlyn is a classically trained violist and played the 3D printed violin, Hovalin, that glows the colors she sees for each musical note.  Kaitlyn and her husband are the inventors and creators of the Hovalin.


I hope you have enjoyed hearing a little about some of the events during SYNAESTHESIA: What is the taste of the color blue?


Stay tuned for The Synaesthete Wine Tasting, Octopus Brainstorming, the LA Art Show, and a record launch with Disney star, Bea Miller. Thanks for stopping in.  Best wishes, Daniel


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