SYNAESTHESIA: What is the taste of the color blue? Opening Night

The opening reception for SYNAESTHEISIA: What is the taste of the color blue? was held on September 23, 2017. The gallery was packed the whole evening with over 600 people enjoying the interactive art, music, and things to do.

As our guest approached the entrance to gallery, the front patio featured a delightful accent to the evening. This was a keyboard performance from taste to sound synaesthete songwriter, Portrait XO, who composed live music from the tastes wines and foods.  Jennifer Gleizer, also a sound to taste synaesthete, created a food demonstration with various words and what they tasted like.  So many people were delighted to ask what their names’ tasted like.  For instance, my name, to Jennifer, always tastes like cheesy bread.

Composer/Songwriter and taste synesthete, Portrait XO, word to taste synaesthe, Jennifer Gleizer

Tim Thompson’s demonstrates for our guests his latest interactive musical/art installation, the Space Palette Pro, which all everyone great fun and easy to create art and music on a large elliptical screen.

Blue Door by synaesthete artist, Appelusa

Synaesthete, artist and poetess, Marjan Vayghan sharing her art and her unique brain scan images.

Conceptual maps of the neighborhoods of prominent English historical figures, commissioned by Parliament, from UK synaesthete artist, Jon Adams.

Guest take off their shoes, put on a blindfold, to feel different textures on their     hands and feet on the interactive artwork  Plantigrade, by artist, Marcos Lutyens, and scientist, Richard Cytowic.

Taste Map of the London Tube System, the sound of every stop being announced by the public address system, creates a group of tastes for UK artist, James Wannerton.

The Dolorimeter by NZ artists, Raewyn Turner and Brian Harris.  Press the long handle down, scent crystals vibrate in a small cup, producing a delicate fragrance.

Project Room I featured the immersive ribbon, light, sound, and scent installation, Pathless woods, by NY artist, Anne Patterson.  Guest enjoyed wandering through the shafts of color, sounds of nature, and scent.

                                                                                                Space Palette, by Tim Thompson, sculptural design, Paul Sable  


A Video demonstration of Space Palette from Tim Thompson.

Sambit, please insert video of Space Palette here.

Thanks for tuning in.  Coming next, the world’s first major dance and musical evening,  SYNAESTHESIA DANCE EXPERIENCE: 4D Show, produced by Appelusa and other amazing things to follow.  Thanks for stopping in, Daniel


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